What Can Holistic Health Care Do For You?

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You have probably heard of the phrase, holistic healing, but have you ever wondered to yourself, “what is holistic health care?” The textbook definition answer to the question, “what is holistic health care,” is that it is a healing practice in which natural wellness treatments are applied in order to maximize eudaemonia for the spirit, mind, and body. However, that definition may be a touch scientific for the average person. A less academic answer to the question, “what is holistic health care,” would be that holistic health care, or alternative health care as it is sometimes called, is a set of practices that treats the whole person, rather than focusing on one or two symptoms.

Holistic care is a field of integrative medicine that incorporates healing herbal remedies, naturopathy, life fitness workout routines focusing on yoga and Tai Chi, meditation, and nutrition in order to maximize well being. Though approximately 45,300,000 U.S. adults are members of a gym, very few practice holistic healing alternatives as related to exercise. Many personal trainers are not capable of answering the question, “what is holistic fitness and how can it be incorporated into my workout routine?”

The good news is that the 15 million people in the United States who regularly practice yoga are participating in holistic healing therapies that have been proven to extend the lifespan, positively influence mental and physical health, and maximize spiritual wellness, to boot. A widespread belief in regards to the inquiry, “just what is holistic practice meant to foster in individuals,” is that spirituality is an actual factor in the health and well being of all people, and that it must be considered to be just as relevant a variable in the pursuit of wellness as mental health and bodily health.

There is a great deal of money spent on yoga products and accessories in the U.S., about 27 billion dollars annually, in fact. However, proper yoga practice is not dependent upon these expensive accoutrements. Indeed, there is no answer to the question, “what is holistic yoga practice and what can it do for me,” that involves burning a hole in your wallet. This is true of all alternative health therapies, which may be why the health care industry, despite enormous evidence pertaining to the effectiveness of holistic treatements, does not embrace alternative health care wholeheartedly. See this link for more references.

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