Are You Exhausted at Work? You Could be Dangerously Dehydrated, Health Experts Say

Hormone supplements

Is your doctor telling you that your high-fat diet is making you sick? You’re in good company: the average American eats more than 200 pounds of meat every year, and while we benefit from diets that are rich in protein, we may need to balance our meat intake with more vegetables and fresh fruit. If you’re trying to start eating a more heart-healthy diet, try to incorporate fresh vegetables and alternative sources of protein like textured vegetable protein, fish, and beans.

Another way to improve our diets and to jump-start our metabolism is to take vitamins and hormonal balance supplements. You want to look for vitamins that are not made with chemical fillers: take a trip to your local health food store and ask them about their metabolic health products. They can explain the differences in metabolic health products to you: some have lecithin as a base, which is a milk product, while others have a soy base. Doctors recommend that men avoid excess soy consumption, as it can lead to the development of excess breast tissue: most prostate health supplements have a dairy base. Check with your doctor before starting a new routine.

What you’re looking for at first will be healthy detoxification supplements. Many of us do not realize that our home plumbing systems contain at least some lead: it was used for centuries as a joining material due to its softness. What seems like exhaustion to you could be a buildup of heavy metals in your system from your home’s water supply. Health food stores offer heavy metal detox supplements and hormonal balance supplements. Before you look into prostate health supplements, focus on removing toxins from the body and then see how you feel after a few weeks.

Another way to remove toxins from your body is to take a small fast. Doctors and nutritionists recommend that you undertake fasts for only a few days at a time. If the weather is cold and you want to fast, make sure that you stay hydrated with hot liquids and soup. Allow your body to tell you if it’s feeling too tired to continue: if a no-food fast is wearing you out, get some quinoa from the health food store and eat it with some steamed vegetables for two days in a row. Again, if you feel exhausted or unsteady, break your fast immediately. The purpose of a fast is to help you regain the energy you lose during the week, not to make you feel worse.

The purpose of fasting is to allow your body to digest and pass materials that build up in your colon. Most people do not consume enough fiber and do not drink enough water: the old recommendation of eight glasses of water every day is still pertinent. Studies show that most men rarely or never drink water. A glass of warm water before bed can do wonders for your digestion. If you are looking for menopause support or hormonal balance supplements, consult with your local health food store before buying. They can recommend foods that support hormonal balance and can make sure that you’re not planning to take an overly high dosage of vitamins or supplements: everything in moderation.

If you feel exhausted during the day, the culprit could be a wide range of issues ranging from your heart health to your sleep schedule. Older men and women often report that they have more trouble sleeping and that they sleep less than they did when they were younger: your doctor might recommend hormonal balance supplements. Take it slowly when introducing new vitamins or cleansing drinks into your system, and monitor hydration and energy levels. Fasting and cleansing can be beneficial, but they should not be used for weight loss: only a healthy diet that includes exercise can help you lose weight. Make sure to stay hydrated, and look for supplements that work well for you.

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