Are You Losing Muscle Mass and Gaining Fat? You Could Have Low Testosterone Levels

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Although aging is a natural part of life, the process of growing older can leave us feeling exhausted and not entirely ourselves. If you are past the age of 45 and feeling like you spend all of your time either taking naps or waiting until you can take one, you may be experiencing a common problem called Low T, or low testosterone. Low testosterone treatment options have expanded in the last decade, and studies show that more than 5 million American adults test positive for low testosterone levels.

In general, your testosterone levels decrease by about 1% every year after you turn 30. Testosterone production has an effect on bone density, and Low T can make people depressed and exhausted. About 40% of all adult men over the age of 40 test positive for Low T. If you suffer from diabetes or obesity, your chances of having low testosterone levels increases: doctors want you to come in to get checked every year. There are more treatment options available for testosterone therapy now than ever before.

Doctors can perform a blood test to figure out testosterone levels. If you have problems sleeping and you wake up several times a night or if you’ve noticed that you’re gaining weight and losing muscle, you could test for Low T. Emotionally, men with lower testosterone levels are more prone to depression, sleep apnea, and general lack of drive, and if you suffer from a heart condition, lowered testosterone levels could make your heart condition worse. It’s best to see a doctor and to get tested: there are hormone treatment clinics for older men, just like there are for older women.

Low testosterone treatment options can vary: there are gels that you can rub directly into your skin, and there are also sub-dermal “pellets” that slowly release the proper hormones. There are also low testosterone treatment options that involve a patch, or even periodic injections. If you have a preference for treatment options, just inform your doctor. Studies show that it’s best to avoid taking pills for Low T, as the effects on people’s livers has not been properly measured. Although there is a certain loss of energy that can be associated with aging, if you are experiencing a steep drop in your energy, it could be time to consult with a doctor.

Doctors advise their patients to make sure they get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and keep track of any changes in their diet or overall routine. If you suspect that you are a good candidate for low testosterone treatment options, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the changes that you have experienced. Most men do lose significant amounts of muscle mass as they get older, but there are tests available to pinpoint people’s health issues. If you suffer from obesity or from sleep apnea, contact your doctor immediately if you suspect that you have Low T. It’s important to stay on top of health care issues, especially when sleep disorders or heart conditions are involved: sooner is better.

Whatever the cause, health problems are best dealt with as they arise. Waiting too long could mean a delay in treatment, and keeping health care appointments is very important. Low T is a common issue for older men, and despite doctors’ warnings, many men choose to delay contacting their health care team. Hormone replacement therapies can vary, but they are effective in the long term. Low T could make your sleep issues or your heart problems much worse, so it’s best to schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Treatments for Low T can help to regulate your body’s production of red blood cells and help avoid heart attacks. If you’re looking to get your energy and sense of vitality back, consult with your doctor today. While you may not have any clear symptoms, you could still have low testosterone levels that could benefit from treatment.

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