Behind The Rise Of Male Grooming In The US

Male grooming is just as important as female grooming routines, and the numbers for the male grooming industry very much reflect this. In fact, the market for male grooming around the world is expected to be worth more than twenty nine billion dollars – nearly thirty billion dollars – by the time that we reach the year of 2024, now just over five years away. For shaving goods alone – in the one country of the United States, too – a growth of as much as ten percent is expected to occur by the time we reach the year of 2020, now less than two years in the future. By the time that we reach this year, the revenue for shaving goods in the United States alone will exceed three billion dollars.

After all, from shaving creams to shaving oil for men, there are many ways for men to get the most perfect shave possible. Shaving creams, for instance, have long been popular, used by men of all ages. Among shaving creams, there are truly many varieties to choose from, meaning that among all of the shaving creams there is likely to be at least one shaving cream product that you’re a fan of.

And aside from shaving creams, mens shaving oil has also become widely popular. So too have other shaving accessories, and there are more shaving razors available than ever before as well. Thanks to shaving creams and other such shaving accessories, there are many ways to get your most sought after shave – with as few shaving injuries as possible.

But, of course, not all men will be interested in shaving creams and other shaving accessories, as more men than ever before are choosing to grow out their facial hair instead. In fact, while only fifteen percent of all adult men in the United States were growing purposeful facial hair just five years ago, this percentage has risen to more than thirty five percent at the current date. And of adult men in the United States, up to twenty percent don’t shave their facial hair whatsoever.

Accordingly, the market for beard grooming and facial hair care products has risen, with nearly twenty percent of all men (around eighteen percent, to be a little bit more exact) choosing to use such products on a daily basis as part of their regular grooming and hygiene routine. These products are varied, from mustache oil (for men who are looking to cultivate a particular type of mustache) to beard care and maintenance beard oil. Such products are not strictly necessary for those who have beards and other type of facial hair, but they can really go a long way when it comes to the quality and overall appearance of facial hair, and this is reflected in their growing popularity among those with facial hair here in the United States.

Of course, there’s more to male grooming than facial hair, more than shaving creams and beard oils. In addition to facial hair care, skin care for men is also important. Just like as with women, adult acne is not exactly uncommon among men, though rates of acne do still drop with the end of puberty. For the man just getting started in the world of skin care, a simple skin care cream is likely to be a good place to start. In addition to this, a specially formulated skin care kit for men can also be an ideal starting place, as it will chart a skin care course for the man in question. But from mens under yes cream to anti aging skin care cream for men, there are a vast array of products that have been specifically formulated for male skin care needs.

Of course, male hair care matters too, for men with short hair and long hair alike. Styling products for mens hair is of course popular, but you might surprised at the variety of shampoo for men that is out there. Shampoo is, of course, an important product to have and use, but it might take trying a few products before finding one that works for you and gets the results you want.

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