4 Wise Reasons to Receive Proton Cancer Treatment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is an understandably tough time in anyone’s life. After this happens, it’s important to research cancer treatment methods. Considering that, you’ll want to learn more about proton cancer treatment. This type of head and neck cancer treatment continues to help many patients. However, it’s understandable to wonder exactly why proton treatment is so beneficial. With that in mind, here are four benefits of receiving proton therapy for head and neck cancer.

  1. Fewer Side Effects After Receiving Treatment

    It’s important to find a cancer treatment method that doesn’t leave you dealing with multiple side effects. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that proton treatment is known to cause fewer side effects than other types of radiation therapy. This means that you’re able to enjoy a better overall quality of life while receiving proton therapy for head and neck cancer.
  2. Specifically Targets Cancerous Cells

    This type of cancer treatment stops at the location of targeted cancerous tissue while other types of radiation go beyond this area. In fact, statistics show that proton therapy decreases the amount of radiation to gastrointestinal structures by nearly 59% when compared to x ray treatments. While receiving proton therapy, you can rest assured that rays are only target areas where cancer is present.
  3. Reduces Secondary Treatment Tumors

    Unfortunately, certain types of cancer treatment are known to cause secondary tumors. This is because these methods utilize radiation that enters into other areas of the body. While receiving head and neck cancer treatment, the last thing you want to think about is secondary tumors. If you’re wanting to avoid these concerns, you’ll want to strongly consider receiving proton therapy.
  4. Fast Treatment Times

    Another important concern is finding cancer treatment methods that are fast. No one wants to spend days, if not weeks, away from home receiving cancer treatment. Fortunately, proton therapy is known for its fast treatment times. In fact, the average proton therapy treatment session only takes about 15 to 45 minutes. Most of these time is spent on preparation, proton delivery time only takes a minute or two. The short duration of proton therapy treatment means you’re able to spend more time on other matters.

To summarize, there are many benefits of proton therapy as a type of head and neck cancer treatment. This type of treatment is great for those wanting a fast and reliable way to eliminate the presence of cancerous cells. As a type of head and neck cancer treatment, proton therapy only targets these areas. In turn, you won’t have to worry about radiation seeping into surrounding areas of your body. Therefore, many people who are in need of effective cancer treatment visit proton therapy centers.

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