Benefits of Neurological Rehabilitation

Who needs neurological rehabilitation? Anyone that has suffered from a disease of the nervous system, like cerebral palsy, or injury to the nervous system, such as a traumatic brain injury. The best benefit of rehab is an overall improvement in the patient’s life. Here are other benefits of a neurological rehabilitation service, according to Spectrum Health.

Relieving Symptoms

Rehab does not perform miracles but can help give a patient some mobility back, some dignity back, and some relief from pain.

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Patients may want to keep still or stay permanently in bed. This leads to muscle stiffening, muscle wasting as well as excruciating bedsores. Moving about, even in limited ways and with assistance, helps keep the body flexible, strong, and bedsore-free. Being able to regain a small degree of function or normality helps relieve stress. Stress can worsen symptoms such as pain since stress lowers a body’s pain threshold.

Benefits for Caregivers

Caregivers like unpaid family members shoulder a huge burden caring for someone with a neurological injury or disease. Taking care of such a person is a full-time job. One person cannot do it all themselves. If they try, then the level of care for the patient goes downhill. The caregiver may also get sick from extreme stress. Access to a rehabilitation service helps shoulder the caregiver’s load. This leads to a better quality of life for the caregiver and the patient.

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