Build These 3 Habits to Improve Your Heart Health

The importance of heart health is difficult to overstate. Heart disease remains the most common cause of death in the U.S. — according to the CDC, it claims over 600,000 lives each year. There are two key steps you can take to minimize your chances of experiencing this deadly disease: learn and maintain healthy cardiovascular habits, and find an advanced cardiovascular center with expert staff such as Phelps Health, previously known as Phelps County Regional Medical Center. If you are concerned about your heart health, talk to your cardiologist about ways to incorporate these three habits into your life, and get on the path to a healthier heart.

  1. Increase activity levels

    It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. A sedentary lifestyle is a surefire path to heart health complications down the line. Even light to moderate activity, when performed consistently every day, can make all the difference. Individuals who have not exercised habitually in many years might find it easiest to begin with brief walks, and gradually to increase activity from there. If possible, engaging in strength-building and cardiovascular exercise can improve heart health drastically.

  2. Eat nuts and produce

    Fruits and nuts make for easy, convenient, delicious snacks that will also contribute to a healthier heart. Grabbing an apple or a handful of almonds instead of a bag of chips is an easy change to make, and is much better for your body. Incorporating large servings of vegetables into lunches and dinners can make meals feel lighter, leaving you feeling more energized. Additionally, purchasing bulk produce can be highly cost-effective.

  3. Switch to whole grains

    Ditching the highly processed loaves of white bread in favor of whole wheat is another easy way to make your diet more heart-friendly. Cardiologists recommend incorporating whole grains wherever possible, from cereal to pasta to sandwiches, to maximize heart health. While the switch might be unappetizing at first, the richer flavors of whole grains are easy to get used to if you eat them consistently.

Build these habits and your heart health will improve over time. If you are finding it difficult to make lasting improvements to your cardiovascular health, speak with a cardiologist. In the event you are experiencing signs of heart disease, the best cardiomyopathy treatment Rolla Missouri citizens and those living in the surrounding areas can find is available at a local medical center. Those looking for a women’s health clinic or any number of other services will find them at the center as well.

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