How Alaris Pumps Help Eliminate Human Error With Advanced Technology

The world is changing, and every day we rely on the convenience of technology to solve our everyday problems, reduce human error, and make our lives easier. We have even upgraded our hospitals, implementing modern day tools to help change the way we save lives.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists reported that in 2013, 72.9% of all U.S. hospitals were using smart infusion pumps, compared with 44% in 2007.

Smart infusion pumps differ from manual IV pump equipment in many ways. Alaris has been on the forefront, creating smart pumps that are more efficient and help to reduce human error. Here’s why you should trust Alaris pumps to help improve treatment for patients in your hospital or healthcare facility.

Manual versus smart pumps

Currently, there are two ways to administer and regulate the amount of fluid given through an IV—manually and by using an electric pump.

Manual regulated administration of fluids through an IV can result in fatal mistakes. It’s more difficult to register the amount of medication, and when an attending physician is caring for multiple patients at once, there’s more room for error.

How Alaris IV pump equipment helps save lives

  1. It’s a capable device. Alaris IV pump equipment is efficient, serving multiple patients at once. The module can attach four individual IV infusions into one device.
  2. Alaris pumps run on Guardrails™ Suite MX software support. This software helps reduce the risk of medication error by creating safety parameters and displaying easy to read reports and graphics physicians can track to make sure their patients are getting the care they need.
  3. Alaris smart pumps have an advanced channel LCD display, allowing you to see and monitor the IV drug, fluid name, dose, and the rate at all times.
  4. According to a case study done by CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, Alaris IV pump equipment has helped shrink down a long four-hour process to a single hour, maximizing time, which is a valuable asset when you’re treating multiple patients.

Wrapping Up

Living in this technologically advanced world has changed our approach to medicine. By taking advantage of what Alaris has to offer, you’ll be providing patients with the quality care they deserve.

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