Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

How much is a sleep apnea machine?

You had been looking forward to the trip to Nashville for months. Since the moment the Show Choir trip was announced at the end of the school year party the students had been working on fundraisers. And while the students would be traveling the 12 hours to the national competition by charter bus, you and one of the other parents made plans to travel on your own. You would take your car, but the other mother would help you drive. the rooms were very expensive, so the two of you would be sharing a room.
You had the play list of 80s music planned. You had been packed for the warm weather weekend for weeks. You could not wait to get away from the cold winter temperatures back home and travel south to some warmer days and comfortable evenings that would allow you to walk along the boardwalk in just a jacket. It was a three four day and three night trip to go watch your high school daughter’s show choir perform on the Grand Ole Opry Stage, but by the end of the first night you were exhausted.
You and your traveling companion had planned nearly every detail, but your friend forgot to let you know about one important fact. She snored. A LOT. In fact, after the first night of not getting any rest you realized that you had to find a way to bring up the topic. You would be willing to pay for a second room, but the bottom line was you needed to get some rest. After a tough beginning to the conversation, however, your friend indicated that she had brought her CPAP machine along. She thought that she would not need it, but said she would use it for the remaining two nights of the trip.
People who sleep with CPAP machines may get to the point where they sleep so well they can be fooled into thinking that they do not really need the machine. One night without it, however, can be all it takes to make CPAP machine users realize the necessity of this convenience.
Are You and Your Partner Getting All of the Sleep That You Need?
Did you know that sleep apnea affects as many as 18 million Americans? If you or someone you love is one of these 18 million than the rest of your life, including your job, your health, and your relationship, may be suffering from your lack of a good night’s rest. CPAP supplies, however, can help you get the healthy rest that you need. After first taking a home test for sleep apnea, ordering CPAP supplies online can then be conveniently delivered to your home.
Consider some of these facts about sleep apnea and CPAP supplies and machines:

  • Research indicates that people who have an untreated case of sleep apnea face a risk of stroke that is four times as likely as those people who are not afflicted by sleep apnea.
  • Research indicates that untreated sleep apnea sufferers are three times as likely to have heart disease than patients who do not suffer from sleep apnea.
  • Patients over 60 years of age are five times more likely to require heated humidification for their CPAP machines.
  • 80% of patients who purchase CPAP machines do not use them enough to stay safe. Diagnosed sleep apnea can benefit from CPAP machines, but only if they are consistently used.
  • Patients should use their CPAP supplies and machines at least 70% of the time over a 30 day period, for at least four hours every night if they want to receive continued insurance coverage.
  • Respiratory research indicates asthma patients face an almost 40% greater risk for sleep apnea than patients who do not have asthma.

Whether you are trying to improve your own sleep, the sleep of your partner, or the sleep of a friend who is traveling with you, it is important that you make use of any and all CPAP supplies and the machine that you have been prescribed. Just as it would make no sense to ignore taking the medicine that you have been prescribed, it makes no sense to ignore the use of a CPAP machine if you have determined that you have sleep apnea.

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