FAQs Regarding Medicare Home Health Care

In the video here, the reporter explores the scope of covering medicare home health care, debunking the common belief that it broadly encompasses these services. He clarifies that while Medicare covers skilled nursing care, it does not extend to custodial care, which constitutes the majority of home health services received by older individuals. Custodial care involves daily activities like bathing and dressing, not contingent on improvement, while Medicare-approved skilled care necessitates progress and involves professionals like nurses or therapists.

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He highlights the crucial disparity between Medicare’s coverage and the extensive needs individuals may face post-hospitalization. While Medicare caters to medical services like physical therapy, it doesn’t cover prolonged household assistance or personal caregiving beyond 60 days. This insight is particularly vital for new Medicare enrollees, urging them to consider supplemental plans for comprehensive coverage.

Moreover, he stresses the relevance of this information for younger individuals who may perceive these concerns as distant or assume Medicare covers all home health aspects. Hans Scheil emphasizes the need for preparation, both financially and emotionally, as individuals age. He underscores that relying solely on Medicare for comprehensive home care later in life is an erroneous assumption. Scheil’s message echoes the necessity of understanding Medicare’s limitations in home health care coverage, urging proactive education and professional guidance for comprehensive care planning across different life stages.


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