4 Options to Replace a Tooth

There are different reasons why a person may lose their front teeth. Here, the main focus will not be on reasons for teeth loss; however, the text below will focus on four options for replacement tooth techniques based on the following video.

Single Tooth Partial Denture

The main issue with this procedure is that bone loss results from missing tooth roots. The partial denture will also move because of the lack of a secure connection.

Video Source

The majority of people with partial dentures may express discomfort and gum irritation.

Resin Bonded Bridge

A high-speed drill is used to cut the back of the neighboring teeth, and a prosthesis is added to the back of the teeth. The only issue is that the bone above the crown will shrink. The biting forces will also eventually lead to the loosening of the bond.

A Fixed Bridge

A high-speed drill shaves a significant part of the neighboring natural structure of the adjacent teeth to pave the way for a fabricated three-unit bridge that will be cemented in place. The main issue is that bone loss is inevitable, and plaque buildup below the crown margins will be significant. The lack of an adequate tooth structure in the neighboring teeth will also lead to tooth decay.

Dental Implants

The natural tooth root is replaced using a dental implant that will be inserted into the bone. The dental implant option implant is secure since a solid foundation is in place, so the biting forces will not be an issue. If you’re looking for a suitable replacement tooth option, you should opt for dental implants.

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