Four Common Misconceptions About the Flu Vaccination

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There is often a lot of debate surrounding vaccinations. One of the most common debates is whether or not you should get a flu vaccination each year. A flu vaccination strengthens your body?s immune system against many different strains of the flu. If your body is presented with the flu later on, it will have already built the necessary antibodies to properly fight it off. These are some of the most common concerns involving the flu vaccination.

I don?t want to get the flu from the vaccine

Many people falsely believe that they will get the flu after getting the flu vaccination. While some vaccinations are live, meaning you are exposing your body to the actual virus, this is usually not the case with the flu vaccination. Instead, it is a different version of it that does actually cause you to get the flu. The only side effects that you can expect are soreness at the injection site and a general fatigue, both of which are common when it comes to any vaccination.

I won?t get the flu

Because the flu is constantly changing, no one is immune to it. The flu vaccination is especially important if you are constantly around a lot of people. If you work in a setting with a lot of medical patients or children, it might even be required. You should also take into account your medical care needs. If you choose not to get the flu vaccination and then experience a medical emergency that requires you to visit the emergency room, you are exposing yourself to an increase of viruses. Approximately one in five urgent care centers have more than 450 patient visits per week (21.7%). This means that you are exposed to hundreds of other patient?s germs.

The vaccination is expensive

Contrary to what some believe, getting vaccinations are actually very affordable. Many primary care providers will easily bill your insurance and you won?t have to pay any copay. If you do not have insurance, you can get your flu vaccination from a local advanced urgent care, where you will pay a minimal cost. Additionally, after hours urgent care centers have extended hours, making it easier than ever to get your vaccination. The majority of centers remain open until 7PM or later on weeknights (90.6%), with two out of five remaining open until 9PM or later. Consider how much it will cost you if you do get the flu this year. After you factor in work hours lost, medications, and emergency care, it can get very expensive.

I am afraid of side effects

Some people are afraid of getting a rare side effect of the flu vaccination. Although there are rare occasions of side effects from any vaccination, this is not common. Fortunately, if you do experience a negative side effect, you will already be in a physician?s office. Your primary care provider will know how to handle the effect. If you chose to get your vaccination at an urgent care center, chances are there will also be physicians nearby. A physician, or a group of physicians, own approximately 50% of urgent care centers.

If you have visited your physician?s office lately, they have probably asked you about getting a flu vaccination. If you have visited a local pharmacy, you have also probably noticed information about getting the vaccination. There are many misconceptions surrounding the flu vaccination. In reality, it is a beneficial vaccine that prevents you from getting the flu. If you come down with the flu, you are contagious, lose time at work, and feel terrible. Avoid all of these things by scheduling your vaccination today.

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