Fight Urinary Incontinence With Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulators

pelvic floor muscle stimulatorUrinary incontinence affects roughly 25 million people in the United States, and more women are diagnosed with this disorder every day.

This embarrassing condition can result in extreme stress, accidental bladder leakages, trouble at home and work, and even pain. Pelvic floor disorders are often major contributing factors to women’s incontinence, as well. In fact, one in three women have a pelvic floor disorder like stress incontinence.

Because this condition negatively affects the daily lives of millions of women, it’s important to remember that more research is being done to combat incontinence. Luckily, there are a few high quality bladder control products on the market that make this fight a viable option.

Pelvic floor muscle stimulators are great devices for lessening incontinence symptoms and preventing leaks. Certain pelvic floor muscle stimulators like the Yarlap work great because they perform Kegel exercises for the user, rather than having the patient perform the exercises themselves.

This device not only treats urinary incontinence, but it is the only over-the-counter medical device that essentially teaches your body how to effectively prevent urinary incontinence issues and rest your bladder control after childbirth, atrophy, or hysterectomy. Additionally, the Yarlap doesn’t cause any sexual stimulation as well, so the sole purpose of this device is to fight urinary incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

According to the U.S. Department and Human Services’ Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, most urinary incontinence patients can experience some kind of improvement, if not total continence restoration, with quality treatment. It’s recommended, however, that patients should try the least invasive treatments as the first choice and then progress from there if the incontinence remains an issue.

Using quality pelvic floor muscle stimulators can give you that non-invasive treatment aimed at strengthening and toning your pelvic floor muscles. Another major benefit of using this treatment option is that there is no significant side effects following.

Never give up hope when battling urinary incontinence — as long as you are constantly working towards getting back to living a stress free life and talking with a medical professional, you should be fine.

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