Has Someone in Your Family Recently Been Diagnosed with Influenza A?

Your daughter has been calling you Ground Zero, and she might be right!

You just returned from the closest 24 hour urgent care where you tested positive for Influenza A. As a result, you have started notifying people you have been around in the last week and it turns out it might be easier to do make a social media post. During the holidays, when you are busy directing the bell choir at church and celebrating with friends and family, it can be a little difficult to monitor all of the people who you have come in contact with. The most that you can do is encourage your friends to watch for symptoms, and offer apologies ahead of time. Fortunately, you did have the flu shot so the doctors at the 24 hour urgent care location are hopeful that you will get better fast.

Cold and Flu Season Arrives with a Bang!
It might be the New Year, but there are many people who are not celebrating, because they are miserable with the latest cold and flu symptoms. If there is a chance that you have been exposed to this season’s version of Influenza A or B, it is in your best interest to get into a local urgent care clinic to get tested. With the administration of antiviral medications that can limit the spread of influenza, you can also find a quicker relief from the headache, runny nose, sore throat, chills, and body ache that are often the most difficult to manage symptoms.

In addition to confirming the presence of influenza, walk in health clinics can also offer a number of other important services. In fact, the latest research indicates that the most common diagnosis in an urgent care center was upper respiratory condition in 2012, and the most common procedure was wound repair. Whether you are looking for confirmation of the flu or you are trying to find out if a sore ankle is a serious sprain or a break, there are many times when you can get the information that you need at a walk in clinic. Especially during the holidays when you are often more busy than normal, it is great to know that you can get the health care that you need in an affordable, convenient, and reliable setting like a walk in clinic.

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