The Importance of Breast Cancer Ultrasound Screenings

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention given to breast cancer treatment and prevention. The increased attention and education has led to more screenings and ultrasounds, which has led to an increase in early detection. This is important because the earlier breast cancer is identified, the better the doctors are able to treat the cancer.

All women over the age of 40 should have regular breast cancer screenings. Depending on family medical history, some women may be advised to start annual screenings prior to the age of 40, but for the average woman 40 is acceptable.

You may get a regular ultrasound screening or a 3D breast ultrasound screening depending on a variety of factors. If the first ultra sound is unclear, your doctor may recommend a 3D ultrasound to get a better look at everything.

Regardless of the type of tests or screenings your doctor wants to perform, regular screenings are essential to overall health. In the case of breast cancer, other symptoms or physical signs are not always present until the disease has progressed. That is why regular screenings are so important. Identifying a problem before it is a significant problem provides the best chances for recovery.

Many women may put off or avoid regular screenings because they fear what the results may be. Although the prospect of having breast cancer can be a scaring thing, particularly if you have been through it with other family members, early detection is still the key to successful recovery.

The ultrasound itself is an easy and completely non-invasive procedure. It doesn’t take long and can directly save your life by giving your doctors they information they need to provide you the best course of treatment should there be something to treat. Mammography has been around for many years now, and is a tried and true method for detecting breast cancer.

Regular screenings also provide the peace of mind of knowing whether or not something is wrong. While the stress of a diagnosis may be traumatic, the stress of constantly not knowing can be equally traumatic and damaging to your overall health. Uncertainty is a significant cause of stress for many individuals.

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