Helpful Tips For Maintaining Clean and Sober Living

The battle with addiction is never a simple one. While you may have already done the monumental task of getting sober and starting to shed your reliance on alcohol or drugs, maintain clean and sober living is a much longer, varied struggle. However, all of that isn’t to say that it’s impossible to stay sober once you get sober. Let’s take a look at a few of the most helpful tips to staying sober.

Live in a Recovery House

If you have just completed rehab, you may want to consider living in a recovery house for a bit. While the idea of going straight home can be tempting, people often struggle to maintain a sober lifestyle if they go right back to their old homes and lives, where they’ll be more strongly reminded of their old habits. The period of early recovery from addiction is also a time of high relapse rates, but the more support a person gets the more likely they’ll be to remain sober.

You can find these methods for strong support at recovery homes, of which there are a few different types. Halfway houses are one form of recovery homes. Halfways homes are a type of transitional housing that is open to recovering addicts, people experiencing homelessness, and people who were recently incarcerated. Sober living homes are another type of transitional housing, but their main function is to help recovering addicts stay clean and they are sometimes affiliated with addiction treatment centers. Sober living homes tend to be more structured, giving residents a grounding schedule to follow as well as the freedom to start integrating into normal life.

Find a Good Support System

As we mentioned before, you can achieve clean and sober living most effectively when you have a trustworthy support system around you. By talking to other people who have been through what you’re experiencing and can empathize with your feelings, you can feel a better sense of community and support. To find this support system, you could join a 12 step program for recovering addicts or a local support group for recovering addicts. Once you join a group or program, be sure to attend meetings regularly, or else the entire endeavor won’t be effective.

Be Physically Active

Many recovering alcoholics or addicts find that exercise can help them resist the urge to fall back on their old vices. Regular physical activity releases more endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are the chemical in the brain that make you feel good, so the more you have the better you feel. This makes exercise the perfect substitute for people who turn to drugs or alcohol to experience a similar high or feeling of happiness. Try out any form of exercise that appeals to you, such as jogging, biking, weight lifting, or dancing, and join a class or group to stay accountable for exercising regularly.

Recovering from addiction and maintaining clean and sober living is a journey. By following some of these tips and remembering to seek support from people around you, you can successfully stay clean.

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