How a Brand Name Crankset Can Benefit Your Bike

If you enjoy bike riding, either as a serious sport, or a fun weekend hobby, consider these few different points. Do you typically ride multi speed bikes? Or are you strictly single speed? What kind of crankset does your bike have? Do you know how shortened crank length can give you more speed? Keep reading to find out how to expand your hobby, or improve your bike for your next competition.

There are many benefits to upgrading your bike with a new name brand crankset. This can be a beneficial upgrade if you are serious about biking, and want to get the most from your ride.
One benefit of having an upgraded crankset is that it will be over all lighter, which can lead to better shifting capabilities. Shifting can also be improved due to the fact that many cheaper off brand cranksets tend to have chainring bolts that aren’t designed for changing, switching this set up for a name brand crankset that has interchangeable chainrings, can give a boost to shifting as well.

One thing to keep in mind; however, is that the lighter the crankset the more durability is sacrificed for the loss of weight. While this is in no way a bad thing, it is worth keeping in mind, as you may need to replace lighter units more than heavier ones.

What About Crank Length?

When upgrading the crankset it is worth considering reducing the crank length, this is because crank length can contribute to how fast your bike can go. If a crank is shorter, a rider is able to position themselves lower helping to prevent efficient pedaling, thus increasing the speed in which the bike can travel. This angel has no lasting physical issues, and can be maintained comfortably, even during long races. If you want to see about changing your crank length, bring your ride to your local bike shop, or talk with them about what size would work best for your model and band of bike.

What About Single Speeds?

Some people are vehemently multi speed riders, and while that is okay, single speed cranks can be replaced, upgraded, and shorted just the same as multi speed bikes can; and while you can’t shift gears, these bikes can have benefits of their own. Single speed bikes are making a comeback, especially among those outside of racing circuits. These bikes require less maintenance over time than multi speeds, due to having a larger track chain (bike chain), and less parts to require repair. If you are unused to a single speed, it can take some getting used to, but it can be a fun activity, even for those who are swear by multi speed.

Whether you ride a single speed or a multi, your ride can benefit from a name brand crankset, or adjusted crank length. If you are serious about biking, or if you just ride on the weekends, you can also benefit from a shortened crank length as well. Biking is a wonderfully beneficial hobby that you can tailor to fit whatever experience you want have.

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