How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Wax Appointment

Brazilian waxing is among the most popular and well-known types of bikini wax. It’s a versatile look that can leave you completely bare or adorn your nether areas with a small shape of excess hair. Above all, it differs from other waxes in that it also goes entirely around to the back. A full brazilian waxing should not be complicated or frightening, but people tend to overthink the whole process since the act is so personal and intimate.

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Shaving is the primary thing to avoid before your waxing appointment, besides halting acne treatment options that can keep your skin thinner. Your hair must be a quarter-inch in length or as close to that. Any height shorter than an eighth-inch long may be too quick to wax. Therefore, always avoid shaving right before.

Shower and rinse the area before your appointment, but do not exfoliate or apply lotions or oils that may interfere with the wax’s capacity to grip the hair. Ensure that your waxers wear gloves but never “double-dip.” Additionally, the waxer should use a fresh stick each moment they pluck wax from the pot instead of re-dipping the stick they used to apply wax to your skin.

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