Handling Canine Food Allergies

Anyone with food allergies or sensitivities knows the difficulty of navigating diagnosis and treatment. It could be anything from a lacking one protein to being a symptom of a larger disorder. This process is even more difficult for our pets, who don’t have the benefit of being able to communicate discomfort like we do. So that makes it our job as pet owners to remain diligent and sensitive to reactions our pets may be displaying.

This veterinary professional has laid out key behavior he looks out for when feeding and caring for his dogs. One of the biggest tells is when a dog seems to itchy all the time, despite being treated for fleas and other biting parasites.

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It could always be other topical reactions like poison ivy, so it’s important to check your yard, other pets, and family for indications. If that can be ruled out, then it’s like the food is the problem.

On top of symptoms, Dr. Alex Avery discusses the options for an allergy diet for dogs. They tend to include focusing on what the problem ingredient might be, and then either finding food that eliminates it, or breaks it down to the point the body can digest it without issue.


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