How to Use Knee High Support Hose

There are many medical conditions that can be helped by compression clothing. If you struggle with poor circulation or leg cramps, you may want to try wearing knee high support hose at your doctor’s recommendation. While these seem easy to use in theory, many people struggle to get them on correctly the first time.

Video Source

In the video on this page, the host shows and explains how to put on knee high support hose correctly. First, she puts on gloves to protect the garments from her fingernails and make sure her skin doesn’t apply too much friction to the outside of the stockings. Next, she stretches the opening of one stocking and slips it over her toes. The gloves help her smoothly slide the stocking up her calf. She makes sure to stop when she is two fingers from the crease of her knee.

Once the support stockings are on, it’s important to make sure the compression is evenly distributed. To achieve this, the host of the video runs her gloved hands over the outside of the stockings, shifting the fabric until they feel balanced.

If this method is too difficult, the video shows another method as well. Give them a try and see if you can benefit from wearing knee high support hose.

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