What Exactly Is Personalized Medicine?

When you receive medical care, it’s important that you receive personalized treatments. The one issue is that for a long time, researchers and doctors didn’t have the information they needed to truly personalize medication and treatments for patients. Fortunately, that’s changing. Let’s take a look at personalized medicine.

Personalized medicine, as the name suggests, is medical care that is tailored specifically to an individual patient’s needs. Whether it’s a medication allergy or a hereditary disease, each patient is a little bit different.

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That’s where genetic testing comes into play. Genetic testing has allowed medical professionals to make all kinds of innovative changes to treatment plans that benefit their patients.

Through genetic testing, it’s possible for researchers to understand how certain medications might affect a patient. It also allows them to create a totally customized treatment plan for their patient that will cooperate with whatever their body needs. Personalized medicine has been used to treat chronic conditions, cancers, and even to tell whether patients have a family history of heart disease.


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