Information You Need to Have Before Calling 9-1-1 Emergency Service

Humans are all susceptible to illness and injuries, and often the kind of medical help required will depend on the severity of the condition. Therefore, having an emergency room phone number ready can save someone’s life in case of a more serious health condition. Emergency resources are important, and understanding how to use this service effectively can be of much help for you and your loved ones.

When to call for emergency response team?
The most common emergency room care cases are excessive bleeding, persistent chest pains, severe vomiting, major traumas, heart attack, stroke, unconsciousness and chronic allergic reactions. In the event of these conditions and you cannot make it to the nearest medical clinic safely and quickly, consider calling 911. The emergency paramedics will offer first aid and life-saving treatment as you are being ferried to the hospital.

5 questions to ask yourself during an emergency medical situation
Knowing when to use an emergency room phone number can be a difficult decision to make. But ask yourself these questions to make an informed decision.

  • Is the condition appears to be life-threatening?Could any movement on the person result in further injury?
  • Does the current condition of the person demand emergency medical resources?
  • What’s the distance to the nearest emergency room hospital?

When puzzled whether to use the emergency room phone number or drive yourself to the center, remember that emergency rooms will handle the most priority conditions first, whether arriving by ambulance or not.

Things to keep in mind when calling for medical emergency
Not everyone will be able to keep calm during an emergency, but that’s what doctors recommend. To stay calm and collected to have a clear judgment on the decisions henceforth. Try not to yell or scream. When making the call, get ready to answer some of the questions asked by a dispatcher. Examples include your street number, street name, apartment address, the name of a popular landmark, current phone number, what caused the condition, patients name, gender, and age.

These questions may seem frustrating particular in a stressful emergency situation, but the process is paramount for paramedics to understand the condition more clearly.

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