Learn About Norfolk Pregnancy Tests

Abortion help

If you need a place to obtain reliable Norfolk pregnancy tests to answer the question am i pregnant, you have a number of options in the Hampton Roads area. Once you have obtained a positive result with your Norfolk pregnancy tests, you must then decide what your options are as far as continuing the pregnancy. If you decide you want abortion help, you must act as quickly as possible. This is due to the fact that the cost of an abortion is likely to increase the longer you wait.

Thought it is not necessary to rush your decision making process, you should be aware that a recent state law in Virginia makes an ultrasound a requirement before you obtain an abortion. The Keim Centers offer a free Virginia beach ultrasound. This includes both a vaginal and an abdominal ultrasound option for your convenience. However, because this service is free, and because Virginia law now requires such an ultrasound, it is important not to delay when it comes to making an appointment. The sooner you are able make an appointment, the sooner you can get the abortion help you desire.

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