Let Your Largest Organ Shine

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The largest human organ is actually located outside of your body and is much bigger than you tend to think about. Skin can make up around 15% of your entire body’s weight, and the skin of an average person could cover about two square meters. For being the largest organ, and one of the most important, as it helps to protect the rest of the body, it is definitely exposed to a lot of harmful things. But the human body is amazing, and its ability to withstand and recover is quite incredible.

Taking care of that large, elastic organ

Skin care is something that everyone should be diligent about, and as such, the market for skin products is booming. Whether it is organic skin care products, or a private label skincare for doctors to prescribe or sell, people cannot get enough of the creams, scrubs, facial kits, lotions and other products that claim to help improve your skin. But is it worth worrying about or spending the money on? Everyone ages, and if you are fortunate enough to live to an old age, no one is going to expect you to have the skin you did in your first few decades of life. So why bother?

Treating your skin well
Yes, everyone ages. In fact, for an average human being, skin elasticity typically declines around .55% to 1% every year. But that does not mean that your skin has to reveal your age. And it is about more than looking young. Keeping your skin healthy will keep you healthier overall. The market is so strong for skin products because everyone wants to maintain or regain that healthy, young, wrinkle-free glow. However not everyone is willing to put in the work or even find out just what it takes to keep skin as healthy as possible for as long as possible. There are so many factors to consider.

Factors for healthy skin
The sun is an obvious thing to avoid, although in our younger years, often the search for the perfect tan outweighs the dangers of damaging ultraviolet rays. Using sunscreen and protective clothing becomes more important as we age. And even on cloudy days, that harmful radiation from the sun can do some damage, so sunscreen is a good idea every day, regardless of the weather, if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. Air pollution is another irritant, as it can increase pigment or age spots by 20% and add to deeper wrinkles over time. Another thing that people don’t tend to think about happens during the cleansing process. Be careful when washing your skin so that you do not scrub away essential protective oils. Be gentle.

Why private label skincare for doctors can help everyone
Private label skincare for doctors will often offer popular types of natural skin products that they can recommend to patients. Not only can doctors use it as a way to make a little bit of supplemental income, but patients will be confident in their purchase, knowing that their private label skin care is not just some brand that may or may not work, but that having their trusted doctor standing behind the product means they can look forward to the desired results.

Be kind to your skin. Take care of it, and further down the road you will thank yourself.

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