Make Yourself a Natural at Skin Care Today, Thank Yourself Later

Best skincare products for aging skin

There was once a time when we could wake up in the morning, splash some cold water on our face and proceed to move through our day without causing any detrimental effects to our skin. Natural skin products were maybe nothing more than a basin and a hand towel. In today?s world of thinning ozone layers and increased air pollution, that?s not good skin care. In populated areas, and especially in more urban areas, the pollution in the air ages our skin as much as 20% simply by being exposed to it. This kind of exposure can deepen lines and wrinkles.
However, we can?t place all the blame for our skin care woes on our environmental stressors. After all, we?ve always been exposed to sunlight. Even when the sun is tucked behind some clouds on a rainy day, we still catch the effects of UV radiation. The difference is today we have developed professional skin care products and techniques that we can use to keep our skin healthy despite the skin care hurdles like pollution and sunlight that are so inescapable.
The most obvious way to help yourself is sunscreen. Sunscreen! You?ve heard it a million times. Maybe you?ve heard the Baz Lurhmann graduation speech. His featured piece of advice: Wear sunscreen. He goes on to explain the statistics about how this skin care routine will keep you glowing and unwrinkled for much, much longer than if you?re just wandering around under the blazing sun every day. But how many of us really do this? In the middle of winter or during a rainstorm, we think, ?Why would I want to slather my face with sunscreen? Why would I want to smell like the beach?? Therein lies another problem. We have this preventative sunblocking resource, but we still don?t wear it every day. Skin care technology could have said, ?We gave you sunscreen. You didn?t take it.? But instead, they developed a skin product even more magical than sunscreen: the anti-aging cream. They?ve taken our beloved lotions and hand creams and infused them with peptides and antioxidants to create a serious skin care solution for our environmentally challenged lifestyles.
On top of this development is the availability of natural skin products. We can walk to the farmer’s market, open a web browser, or drive to a grocery store and at all of these places we can find all natural skin products and even organic skin care solutions. Of course, there are also things available that act as a sort of superior sunscreen. They contain SPF, but they also help your skin resist the rest of the environmental aging process. Natural skin care products utilize plant extracts and vitamins to create their effect, and so you have the option to smell more like a flower garden, or just like, a person.
Take care of your skin! We have the resources! You won’t regret it.

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