3 Reasons Why a Great Beach Body Can Change People’s Lives (And Yours!)

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Spring is starting to peek around the corner and, for some, this means a dreaded roll-out into summer–the season of beach bodies. While this can be intimidating for many, others get themselves into a regimen starting as early as Black Friday to make sure that when the time comes to get hot and sweaty in the summer months, they have no issues with taking their shirts off. For most, as unfortunately stated before, even thinking about meeting with a PiYo coach can be the most harrowing part of preparing for the summer.

It’s recommended that every adult engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, whether lifting weights in the gym, going for a neighborhood run or simply playing pick-up sports with friends. Unfortunately, less than 5% of adults actually participate in 30 minutes or more of physical activity every day, a shockingly small piece of the pie (which the other 95% of the population is probably eating anyway).

Developing a workout plan can be intimidating (another task which a PiYo coach could handle for you) and not everyone is inclined to schedule time out for a daily sweat session (or even weekly! or monthly!); with this being said, here are 3 reasons why sculpting a great beach body can change people’s lives–yourself included:

  1. By Even Thinking About Crafting Your Beach Body, You’re Already Ahead of the Game. Based on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC), only 20% of adults actually meet the criteria for the CDC’s Physical Aerobic Guidelines, which include muscle-strengthening and physical aerobic exercise. While not everyone may feel the urge to workout on a regular basis, only 20% of individuals are able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. While these two fifths of the population may or may not intersect in several ways, the main issue remains that people do not exercise as much as they should, do not work as hard as they could to better their physical fitness and do not have as high of a success rate in losing weight when they decide to take the initiative. But individual levels of personal struggle, perseverance and dedication are also important variables in this outcome.
  2. Having a Fitness Plan Also Makes You Less Susceptible to Illness. While it is widely argued that engaging in regular physical activity can greatly decrease your risks of cardiovascular diseases and illnesses, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other medical issues, there is a whole world of benefits that comes with the decision to take initiative and focus on bettering your physical health. To top it all off, exercising saves money (in most cases costs include proper attire and/or a gym membership). In fact, the CDC reported that as high as 75% of all healthcare spending is used for preventable recurring diseases, often due to dietary issues or the lack of a healthy and stable diet.
  3. Creating a Physically-Fit Lifestyle is About Adaptation and Incorporation. The 30-minute daily criteria as set by the CDC is meant to be a guideline that is adapted and incorporated into everyone’s individual schedules and lifestyles. In fact, you don’t even have to spend a half-hour working out without any breaks; personal fitness coaching also encourages those with hectic schedules to break up their half-hour into several smaller chunks, like three 10-minute walks or two 15-minute treadmill sessions.

Most importantly, the decision to craft your beach body has to come from within you. After making the decision, a PiYo coach can help stay on top of the rest of the variables. From a PiYo diet plan to PiYo meal planner and from PiYo Training to PiYo Pilates, crafting your beach body (and the beach body of others as well) can be as easy as believing that it is possible and doing what you have to in order to make your dream a reality.

Want to show off YOUR beach body? Have you tried using a PiYo coach in the past? Feel free to leave your thoughts and share your stories in the comments below!

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