Medicare 101: Is Home Service Covered?

In the video below, the reporter delves into how Medicare covers or doesn’t cover home service. There’s a common misconception that Medicare encompasses all aspects of home health care, including nurses, aides, and therapists assisting with post-hospital stays. However, per the reporter, Medicare specifically covers skilled nursing care, omitting custodial care, which involves daily living activities like bathing and dressing, unrelated to improvement. Skilled care demands visible improvement and involves professionals like RNs or therapists, covered intermittently within a doctor’s care plan.

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Yet, for extensive at-home assistance, such as ongoing personal care or household chores, Medicare’s coverage is limited up to 60 days and primarily for medical services.

This discrepancy becomes particularly crucial when planning for the future. As individuals face unforeseen health challenges, reliance on Medicare alone for comprehensive home care becomes an unsustainable expectation. This lack of coverage can leave many unprepared, both financially and emotionally, to navigate essential care decisions, especially in their later years.

Furthermore, understanding Medicare’s constraints on home health care is critical across all age groups. Seeking advice on Medicare Supplement insurance or Medicare Advantage becomes imperative. The reporter emphasizes the necessity of understanding Medicare’s limitations regarding home health care. It’s crucial to prepare for future needs that surpass Medicare’s coverage boundaries, especially as individuals age and face changing health circumstances.

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