Neck Pain Treatments Following an Auto Accident

In this video you will learn some of the techniques that chiropractors use to treat neck pain following an auto accident. The auto accident chiropractor in this video will walk you through the movements you can expect to undergo with your doctor at your appointment, as well as exercises you can do at home to keep up with your treatment outside of the doctor’s office.

The chiropractor in this video explains that neck pain is the most common pain that is treated following an auto accident due to the effects of whiplash. The treatments he goes over will help with both making the injured area work like normal again and work without pain.

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He uses a second person to help with demonstrating how auto accidents negatively affect range of motion, and then together they go through the motions of the exercise to fix it. While the video goes through each exercise, the chiropractor explains in detail how it is benefiting the muscles so that you know exactly how they’re meant to help and what’s happening in your body. By watching this video, you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of pain with the help of your auto accident chiropractor.


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