Proton Therapy for Cancer as an Effective Treatment

Proton therapy for breast cancer atlanta

Are you looking for advanced cancer treatment options for yourself or a loved one? Perhaps you’re seeking a different type of cancer treatment therapy as well as non-invasive cancer treatment after being advised of all your options. If you’re looking for a method that gives you these benefits and so much more, proton cancer treatment may be best for you. Today we will look at what proton therapy is, information on various types of cancer, and more.

Choosing Proton Therapy for Cancer

Were you diagnosed with a certain cancer and now you’re considering proton treatment? Proton therapy is a great option for head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumors. But what is proton therapy? It is a type of radiation that stops at a certain point in the targeted tissue. Your typical radiation will not only target the area, but go above and beyond the area even if it is not necessary. Let’s use an example: If you are receiving proton therapy there is less risk to your heart and lungs when the area of cancer is targeted. It also tends to keep the cancer from coming back, which are results you will want to see. In men with prostate cancer, after proton therapy, a high percentage returned to their five-year follow up without any sign of cancer.

Treatment centers for proton therapy are becoming a huge deal as more people are warming up to the idea and realizing that it has the most benefits. For instance, in 2015, more than 30 therapy centers were under construction, which means more opportunities in our present time. One of the main reasons why proton therapy is so enticing is because a treatment session is quick and easier compared to the conventional process that is so draining and terrifying to many patients. Those who specialize say that appointments only take about 15 to 45 minutes, even though the actual proton delivery is less than 2 minutes in many occasions.

If you are looking for the best cancer treatment therapy available to you, speak to us about your options with proton therapy today. For a variety of cancers, it is a new type of modern therapy designed to help you through this difficult time.

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