Runners and Bikers Continue to Work Toward Personal Fitness Goals

Three laps in 22 minutes.

Although it seemed like a very simple, perhaps too simple, start, the fact that you forced yourself to leave your writing for a period of time was actually an indicator that you were going to give this fitness thing some attention. The three laps that you walked around the park that was literally in your backyard really only amounted to a little less than a mile and a half, but you knew it was a start that you had to make. Imagine, you told yourself, if you would have walked those three laps every day for a month before you took the vacation to the cabin with your husband and two daughters. You may not have made it the length of the five mile hikes that they took every morning, but you could have started with them. And had you at least started with them, they would have slowed their pace to include you in the early morning adventures for as long as you would have wanted. When you were tired, you could have started your peaceful way back home and they could have finished their journeys.

The decision to simply get started is often the most difficult challenge that anyone makes. Whether you are making the decision to start walking, start swimming, or start biking, the beginning is very often the most difficult. Creating the habit of lifting your leg over the bicycle saddle and gliding out of the garage is often far more difficult than the ride around the lake.
Invent the Life You Want to Lead

A recent college brochure from Santa Clara University encourages to students to take the lead in the kind of life that they want to have. It is a great saying not only for the educational pursuits of college freshmen, but also for anyone who wants to start setting new fitness goals. From how many calories you will consume in a day to how many times a week you want to jump on the leather bicycle saddle, you can make the decision on any day to reinvent yourself. Fortunately, you do not have to earn the right to have the best kind of running shoes or the most comfortable bike seats. You can invest in a few small extras to help make your new fitness goals more attainable and more comfortable.

If you are someone who quickly tires, no pun intended, of the same scenery when you walk around the park behind your house, you may find that biking is a great option two or three times a week. Did you know, for instance, that at more than 1 billion, there are currently twice as many bicycles in the world as there are cars? In the year 2015 alone, in fact, $1.2 billion in used bicycles were sold.

Whether your preference is to invest in a comfortable and stylish leather bicycle saddle or a pair of the recently released running shoes, any kind of start is a good beginning.

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