Southern Indiana CPAP Alternatives

Jeffersonville sleep apnea

An obstructive sleep apnea or hypopnea, an extremely common type of sleep disorder which affects as many as twenty million Americans (according to research conducted by the American Sleep Apnea Association), makes it difficult for the victim to breath while he or she sleeps. These disorders often go undetected because doctors usually cannot detect them during routine checkups. However, they are potentially dangerous and even fatal because they severely impair the victim’s ability to breath. Many victims purchase expensive CPAP (or continuous positive air pressure) devices which alleviate the condition and aid breathing. However, these devices are so expensive that many southern Indiana sleep apneavictims are seeking southern Indiana CPAP alternatives so that they can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each year. Many Louisville sleep apnea, Jeffersonville sleep apnea, and New Albany sleep apnea victims who sought southern indiana cpap alternatives, including Louisville CPAP alternatives, have purchased more affordable BiPAP and VPAP devices. Other victims who want affordable southern Indiana CPAP alternatives have enrolled in positional therapy, in which they sleep on their sides instead of their backs, alongside acupuncture.

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