Staying Hydrated and Healthy in Hot Weather

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Staying healthy in hot weather can be simple, but it helps to be prepared. Especially if you will be traveling, or participating in outdoors activities and sports, it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s equally important to keep an eye on kids and pets, who can overheat quickly and sometimes without warning. For travelers and residents alike, it can help to keep track of the locations of a nearby walk in clinic, for any medical problems that may arise. Walk ins can handle all kinds of non-emergency medical needs, from heat stress to X-rays.

Staying hydrated is the key
Dehydration can cause all kinds of problems and it is surprisingly easy to become dehydrated. Especially for travelers, airports and airplane cabins can be very dry and airless environments. The human body is made up of 68 to 78% water, which helps to keep it in balance. Staying hydrated can also help you to feel positive and energized.
Airport security generally does not allow you to make bottled water through, so it may be necessary to buy a new bottle once you’re through. On board, you can request a glass of water and they will even add a slice of lemon if you prefer. Hot and humid tropical weather can easily give rise to heat stress, especially if you are engaged in activities like biking, hiking or sightseeing. Sunscreen and sun hats are essential hot weather equipment, at home and when traveling.

Keep an eye on kids and pets
Most common sense precautions apply when you’re on vacation as when you’re at home. Kids and pets have a tendency to overdo the fun and games, so it’s necessary to keep an eye on them. They should have access to water at all times, and kids should eat small, healthy meals or snacks. Kids and pets should never be left alone in vehicles or hot, enclosed spaces.
Sunscreen should be used at all times. Light, loose fitting clothes are best for hot and humid weather. They will allow you to breathe and move freely. The elderly too need a little attention in hot weather, so remember to check on friends and neighbors living alone .

Listen to your body
Extreme reactions to heat and hot weather can be dangerous. Heat stress and heat stroke can be manifested as high temperatures, reddened skin, shallow breathing, weak pulse, and confusion. In extreme cases, the person may also experience vomiting and seizures. Cold compresses or immersion in cold water can improve the sufferer’s condition. If there is no improvement, immediate medical treatment is needed.
All emergency cases should be taken to an emergency room. For non-emergency medical needs, urgent care clinics can handle everything from sunburn to minor fractures to X-rays. Most urgent care clinics are open weekends and also have extended hours. They are fully staffed and you don’t need to make an appointment in advance.

Some simple precautions can help keep you and your family safe and healthy in hot weather. Whether you’re traveling or enjoying the summer at home, staying hydrated is the key to staying alert and feeling good. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on kids and pets to make sure they don’t overdo things, and that they have plenty of drinking water. It’s also a good idea to know the location of the local urgent care clinic, which can handle all kinds of major and minor medical needs from x-rays to sunburn.

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