The 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Picking Out A Bicycle Seat


Did you know that Americans spend $30 million more on bicycle equipment than on airplane tickets? Not only that, but globally there are twice the number of bicycles than there are cars. The entire world has spoken, and bikes are the word. The one thing that any cyclist will tell you, however, is to find the most comfortable bike seats for your ride.

There are many benefits of having a comfortable bike seat
. Not least of which is the ability to ride for longer. If you need help picking out a place to park your rear for the long rides you want to take, check out these suggestions.

The Most Comfortable Bike Seats

As with most things, personal preference is everything. To pick your saddle, you need to know what type of riding you will be doing. Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of which seat to pick.

  1. How far will I ride? If you intend to go for long meandering rides on the road, a wider, more heavily cushioned saddle might fit your needs best. If you’re using your bike to commute, consider something lighter.
  2. How fast do I ride? If you’re quick, you’ll want something lightweight and narrow, freeing up some range of motion.
  3. Where will I ride?If you are an adrenaline-loving adventurer, mountain biking might be calling your name. Luckily there are durable saddles for this specific activity. If the Tour de France is calling to you, a narrow and incredibly lightweight option would shave a few minutes off your time.
  4. Why do you bike? This question will reveal a lot about how you intend to ride. If you bike to work, you’re doing it as a utilitarian mode of transport, and would likely need something more simple. If you race, a more professional and sleek seat would fit your purpose.

No matter how, why, or where you like to ride your bike, you deserve the most comfortable seat possible. Know yourself and you will know your saddle.

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