The 5 Ways Having a Primary Care Doctor Helps You Lead a Better Life

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Many people who are young and healthy do not see the point in having a primary care physician or for going every year, as is recommended, to get a check up. They do not see how these doctors’ primary purpose is helping people lead better lives. One of the best benefits of having an individual health insurance policy is access to this kind of care. Here are some of the reasons you should consider asking for group health insurance from your employer and then use it to develop a working and positive relationship with a primary care doctor.

  1. You will live longer. Mew research has shown that people who have a primary care physician and who go to that person for routine and preventative medical care will help you live a longer life. This research shows that people who make and follow through in these appointments are less prone to develop heart disease, cancer, have a stroke or suffer from other chronic conditions. There are a number of reasons for this but, at the end of the day, you have a better chance to become healthy and to stay healthy when you work worth a primary care doctor. This is one of the best parts of having ab individual health insurance plan.
  2. When you go to the doctor for a routine check up every year, you are more likely to get the health screenings that can keep you healthy. From general blood tests that look at your cholesterol and glucose levels to monitoring your blood pressure or scheduling more invasive tests such as colonoscopies and mammograms, you will have more control over your health when you are more proactive at taking care of it. Preventative health care provides some of the best cost-effective benefits solutions for health care. If you do have any medical issues, they can be caught a lot sooner. For instance, when cancer is caught early, it is more easily treated than if it is allowed to grow and potentially spread.
  3. Primary care doctors can do a lot more than you may realize. They can do the annual check up and order the screening tests but there are a host of medical issues that can be dealt with at your primary care physician’s office. They can help you get through influenza and they can help when you have problems with your stomach or pull a muscle on the tennis or basketball court. If you have chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, they can help you manage them. Some pre-diabetes and full fledged diabetes can be controlled through a better diet and exercise regimen. If you are looking to lose weight or quit smoking, who things that can help you become healthier, your primary care doctor can help.
  4. Your primary care doctor can get to know you. When you develop a positive relationship with your doctor, they get to know you and what is normal for you. For example, textbooks list 120/80 ad the ideal blood pressure reading. You may run lower than that so that this may not be normal. One of the best reasons to get an individual health insurance plan or join a group benefits program is the access you will get to primary care doctors. This also means if you do have an emergency, you have someone you can reach out to who can tell you where you should go. Not all care that is needed urgently requires a trip to the emergency room, for instance.
  5. Your primary care doctor should be the quarterback of your health care team. At some point, you will have to go to a specialist. The chances are that you will have to see more than one specialist. You can get a good referral to these specialists that will help you find the right one. More importantly, your primary care doctor’s office can coordinate all of your care so that you get the best care possible. They can make sure you are not receiving treatments that will work against each other.

One thing is clear, people with individual health insurance take better care of their health.

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