The Benefits of Bicycle Riding

Cycling is a popular way to get exercise as well as to spend time outdoors. As of spring, 2017, for example, 66.21 million Americans said they’d been cycling over the past 12 months. Due to the benefits of cycling, it’s likely that even more people in this country have taken up cycling since then. There’s also a good chance that existing cyclers are out on their bikes more often.

The Health Benefits of Cycling

Glenn Stewart at Brunel University in London conducted research on the health benefits of cycling. His research revealed that this form of exercise is able to lower the risk of premature death by as much as 30%. Furthermore, it was also demonstrated that cycling is able to reduce the risk of developing cardiorespiratory diseases by approximately 40%.

Another study was conducted in 2017 that showed the positive effect of cycling on burning fat. When individuals rode their bikes to work, for example, they were able to burn more fat than working out at the gym. It’s important to note that they burned even more fat than when they engaged in 40-minute sessions five days a week at the gym.

The Environmental Benefits of Cycling

The same amount of energy and resources that it takes to create a single car can create as many as 100 bikes. Furthermore, if more people rode their bikes rather than taking their cars on short trips, it could reduce carbon dioxide emissions. By way of example, 57,405 tons of carbon dioxide wouldn’t be released into the atmosphere if just 20% of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin’s residents rode their bikes instead.

When people choose to ride their bicycles more often rather than drive their cars, they can also save a considerable amount of gasoline. On an annual basis, cyclists are saving more than 238 million gallons of gas. Just imagine

Find Bicycle Toe Clips and Other Parts You Need at Your Local Bicycle Shop

When you ride your bicycle on a regular basis, it will occasionally need new parts. There’s also an excellent chance that you’re interested in adding a few upgrades, such as new bicycle toe clips. In addition to those bicycle toe clips, you may have discovered that your handlebar end caps are looking a bit worn. Once you head down to your local bicycle shop, you may realize that you need bags for bikes and other parts or accessories. Remember to have your bike checked out on a regular basis by an expert, so you’re confident that it’s in pristine shape when your go cycling.

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