A Guide to Finding the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair loss is a serious problem that many Americans must face and deal with over time. While this is not an easy process to go through, it is important that people are aware that they are not alone. As a matter of fact, hair loss is pretty common and many people look to help from a talented and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Over the course of 20 years, most people will deal with the active hair loss phase which is a long period of time. While this seems scary at first, it also points to the idea that people can take action within this long period of time to receive proper help. Understand that on average, someone can shed almost 50 to 100 hairs every single day!

It is imperative for people to understand what kind of hair loss they deal with. A Norwood scale has been created which ranges from Type I to Type VII. Type I involves hair loss at a minimal rate that is not going to be super harmful and can be treated with ease. Type VII deals with the most advanced form of hair loss and needs to be taken care of quickly. Here are more facts on dealing with a hair loss, hair transplants doctors, and a hair transplant surgeon.

The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon Can Help Air Loss Victims

A talented hair transplant surgeon can help someone swiftly deal with hair loss. This is important because just about 95% of all men dealing with hair loss are suffering from common male pattern baldness. This is genetic and is something that is hard to stop unless you get help from a hair transplant surgeon.

Across the United States, there are almost 35 million men that are dealing with some form of hair loss. However, men are not alone in losing har and this can even happen to women. Understand that across the United States of America, almost 21 million women are dealing with some form of hair loss.

Almost 47% of all people dealing with hair loss have said they would give up their life savings for another full head of hair. Also, just about 60% of all people dealing with hair loss have stated that they would rather have more hair than friends or money. As a result, across the country, the Hair Loss Treatment Industry managed to generate nearly $4 billion in revenue in 2017 alone.

Hair Transplant Procedures Are Easy And Relatively Fast

A hair transplant surgeon will work hard to address any sort of hair loss problem in a smart and swift manner. For instance, this can involve Follicular Unit Extraction, which is probably the most common type of hair loss treatment. This involves obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring groups of anywhere between one to four hairs for hair transplantation. However, keep in mind that natural groupings for follicular unit extraction can include almost as many as 8 hairs in one graft.

A tiny pinch is used to grab individual follicular unit grafts. These grafts are basically groupings of hairs, as previously mentioned. The tiny pinch will range in size from .7 to 1 millimeter in terms of size and will be used to recreate the look of naturally grown in hairs. As a result, anyone that needs help with their process of hair transplant can look towards this easy, harmless, and quick hair transplant surgery.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are more and more adults that will have to deal with hair loss. However, these people are not alone and should not suffer through hair loss alone. Instead, there are plenty of options to look to in terms of properly healing up this type of hair transplant surgeon. So get the proper help that you need today and then move forward with a healthy head of hair!

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