The Best Way to Do A Heavy Metal Detox

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While many people in the United States and around the world strive to lead healthy lives we often overlook the heavy metals we all get in our bodies. We eat gluten free, daily free diets and take things like hormonal support supplements, cellular health supplements and metabolic health products, we often overlook the dangers that are posed by having these heavy metals in our systems. While the antioxidant supplements benefits are well known, people know less about how great heavy metal detox supplements can be.

There are other things we can do to rid our systems of these poisons than just taking heavy metal detox supplements. The Alternative Dailyandnbsp;put together some steps everyone can take to get heavy metals out of their systems and lead healthier lives.

  1. Consume more filtered water. Water is essential for life. We all know we need to drink more of it. That water needs to be clean, however. When we get the water we need, we can flush the body of toxins. It is important that the water we consume is not adding poisons to our systems. When you drink purified or filtered water, you know it is safe. So when you take your heavy metal detox supplements, take them with filtered water.
  2. Buy organic foods. The cleanest food option out there. Buying organic foods is good for a few reasons. You get foods that are free of pesticides. You get foods that have not been genetically modified foods or GMO. Organic foods also do not have the chemicals that are often found in their conventional counterparts. Go to the local farmers’ market and ask about how they grow their food, if you want to be really sure about what you are eating.
  3. Get more cilantro. After the heavy metal detox supplements, cilantro cannot be beat for getting those substances out of your body. If you have things such as mercury, lead or aluminum, cilantro can help get rid of it. Moreover cilantro has been found to be great to clean the central nervous system, according to the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Science. It can also be effective at preventing the absorption of lead. If you use it daily, you will have the best results. Adding garlic to what you eat can make a really big difference as well.
  4. Spend time in a sauna. The Journal of Environmental Health put out a study in 2012 that showed when people sweat in a sauna, their bodies can get rid of a lot of the heavy metals they had in their system. This is a good way to get any mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead from your system. If you cannot get to a sauna, getting a good and sweaty workout in can give you a lot of the same benefits. Whenever you get really sweat, it is a good thing.
  5. Make your veggies and fruits have a lot of pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber. It is really great for detoxing a body of all of the poisons that may be in it. Alternate Therapies in Health and Medicine put out a study showing that pectin can be very effective at getting lead out of the human body. That publication found that eating more pectin can remove 132% more lead than not getting the substance. What produce has pectin? Look for grapes, carrots, beets, any citrus, apples and pears. Grapefruits have a lot of heath benefits. They are loaded with naringenin, a great flavonoid that helps your body burn fat much faster. All of these have a lot of great anti-oxidants, which are really amazing for your health.
  6. Pick up some milk thistle seeds. Many people do not know about the benefits of milk thistle but it is really great for detoxing your body. Milk thistle has been found to be able to remove mercury from the liver, according to the Journal of Biological Research. You can take supplements or buy the herb and make some tea with it. It is very good to protect your liver.

We all want to live healthier lives. These tips can help you remove dangerous heavy metals from your systems and make you healthier in a host of other ways.

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