The Options for Alternate Wound Treatments

The video talks about alternative therapy for wound treatment called hyperbaric chamber therapy. The chamber is designed to allow the patient to breathe in 100 percent oxygen instead of the 21 percent that he or she usually breathes in the normal atmosphere. The higher level of oxygen allows processes to occur that can facilitate new blood vessel formation and healing properties. This process is highly popular and has proven itself to be successful in a number of cases. The doctors who use it have seen miraculous things happen to their patients and clients.

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The hyperbaric therapy chamber usage is currently limited to treating 13 different ailments, but more ailments will be added to the list in the future. Diabetic wounds of the lower extremities are one condition that can qualify someone to receive this treatment. Radiation injuries to the soft tissue or bone may qualify for this type of treatment as well. Other conditions that may qualify include failing skin grafts or flaps. The treatment usually lasts about two hours for each patient. Nothing can go inside the chamber except the patient himself or herself and a small bottle of water. Healing usually takes about 30 treatments, but some people see results faster.

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