The Process of Healing by Proton Therapy

Proton therapy for prostate cancer asheville nc

There are so many options for cancer treatment nowadays that it can paralyzing to figure out which is the right one. A cure for cancer, whether it be a prostate cancer cure or a breast cancer cure, is closer than ever and studies show that medical professions are closing in on the type of treatments that will eradicate cancer forever. One of the most promising therapies to come to the forefront is proton treatment which is a little different from many of the others. These are some of the steps and benefits of proton therapy for cancer as well as where the treatment has been and where it might be going in the next few years.
The way the treatment works is comparatively simple. At the start, it targets a specific tissue where cancer cells are known to be hiding. Normal radiation therapy will cover a wide area but proton therapy has a much tighter focus. This has the benefit of killing the specific cancer cells faster but it also minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue. The cancer proton therapy will not affect the heart or lungs or other organs nearly as much as the other options purely because it barely touches them. The treatments are faster too. The sessions will only last for around 30 minutes. Overall, the sessions themselves only take about 6 weeks. An extremely high percentage of men who use this in treating prostate cancer find no signs of cancer recurrence in the five years of after-treatment sessions. It’s efficient, effective, and, most of all, it doesn’t nearly as much time as conventional treatment. It’s the closest thing to a prostate cancer cure that exists in testable medical science.
It can also be used to treat breast cancer and a wide variety of other cancers as well. There are operations for proton therapy for brain cancer, proton therapy for breast cancer as well as many others. With this wide variety, it’s no wonder that it’s catching on around the world. Over 30,000 people have undergone the treatment in the United States and even more in other countries. 30 clinics were opened worldwide in 2015 alone. In Europe and Asia, over 67,000 people have undergone some sort of treatment. In 2017, 27 proton therapies clinics will be operational in the United States. These numbers are telling.
Patients can see what works and what doesn’t. They know where to go to get the best treatment and what comes close to a prostate cancer cure, lung cancer cure or another type of cure. Doctors, too, can follow the data and see where the future lies. It might seem scary to consider all the different types of cancer at once but each one can be beat by relatively similar methods. It just depends on the type of method used. Treatment options for prostate cancer can be understood and used for breast cancer and vice versa. The two are interrelated, as are many of the different studies for cancer. There are even unexpected, positive side-effects which are only being understood with the passage of time. Many men who undergo proton beam radiation treatment find that the impotence caused by conventional therapy is greatly reduced. 94% of patients find that they can be sexually active after the treatment as opposed to the relatively unsatisfied patients who undergo the other therapies. This by no means the only reason to choose the treatment but its one of many. Pushing forward in cancer treatment is hard . It’s not easy but a prostate cancer cure, a breast or brain cancer cure, those are coming. If doctors and patients can work together on what works, however, there’s nothing to fear. There will only be healing in the future.

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