The Significance Of Wheelchair Maintenance

Wheelchair maintenance is critical to ensure you enjoy great mobility. In this connection, the various areas of your wheelchair are inspected to determine if they are still functioning to their optimum level or some repairs and additions are required. The inspection exercise entails assessing the off-road wheelchair wheel, side guards for wheelchairs, footrest, cushion covers, and seats. If you find any issue, with immediate, you can have a professional carry out the necessary repairs.

Safety Is A priority

When moving around with your wheelchair, one thing you must be mindful of is your safety. Unfortunately, your safety can be compromised when using a faulty wheelchair, for instance, one that has worn-out tears and no side guards for wheelchairs. Such a faulty wheelchair is bound to break down at any time, thus negatively impacting your mobility. It becomes very hard to move from one place to another. Besides, the ineffectiveness of the wheelchair tires can cause unnecessary accidents, which might expose you to unprecedented and severe injuries. However, such possible occurrences can be avoided through routine checkups. In doing so, you get to identify the areas of concern as soon as possible, thus ensuring you prevent the impending dangers. So as you move around, you are very much convinced your safety is guaranteed.

Cleaning Is Very Vital

A dirty wheelchair is not only unhygienic, but also its functionality is questionable. While using the wheelchair, debris and any dirt can find their way into the crucial joints that ensure the wheelchair tires rotate seamlessly. As a result, moving around can become a problem. But, wheelchair maintenance allows you to get rid of such dirt, thus maintaining the mobility of your wheelchair. Furthermore, you can install or replace faulty side guards for wheelchairs to prevent the uptake of dirt and debris while you are moving from one place on a rough or dusty surface.

When it comes to cleaning your wheelchair, you have to make sure every part is left dry. Accumulation of moisture, especially on the metallic parts of the wheelchair, might cause rust which will ultimately weaken the sturdiness of your wheelchair.

Avoid Buying A New Wheelchair Soon

Purchasing a new wheelchair because of failure to subject the one you had to regular repair and maintenance can be very expensive. On the other hand, it is cheaper to prevent your wheelchair from breaking down other than having to spend money on purchasing another one. So, conducting a regular assessment of your wheelchair will do the trick and save you from unnecessary expensive purchases. Inspecting and cleaning it gives you an overview of which areas to be addressed as soon as possible to reap the benefits of a high-performance wheelchair. Once you identify an issue in your wheelchair, it is prudent to have a professional come over to rectify it. Doing it yourself might make the current situation worse.

While inspecting your wheelchair, you might be prompted to make some necessary additions, such as installing advanced safeguards for wheelchairs. These side guards will prevent the entry of pebbles or small stones, which can threaten the functionality of wheelchair wheels. Such an addition does come with far-reaching benefits like preventing unnecessary wheelchair breakdowns likely to require you to buy a new one.

Travel Preparations

As a wheelchair user, part of your travel arrangements should include checking if your wheelchair is in the right condition. This not only ensures you travel safely but also has peace of mind that your wheelchair will not be picking up technical issues once you start using it in your new location. So as you prepare for that trip, your wheelchair will need thorough cleaning and maintenance. Get to solve any issues as soon as possible to avoid last-minute preparations, which are expensive and time-consuming. Also, if it lacks side guards for wheelchairs, ensure they are installed before you travel.


For your wheelchair to continue performing at an optimum level, regular maintenance is a necessity. Identifying issues early enough gives you the time to solve before it turns into a serious matter. So, the trick is to have all the parts inspected and certified as being in good condition. This is a crucial undertaking that not only preserves your safety but also saves on cost. Buying a new wheelchair every time and then is very expensive.

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