Hospice Care Explained

In this video, you will learn about local hospice care. There are a lot of questions that are addressed in this video. Some of these questions are what do I expect from hospice care? Who can make a referral? What happens during the initial meeting and how is a patient’s care determined? What kinds of medication and equipment are provided? Whether choosing hospice is a permanent decision? It can be a hard decision to get hospice care, but this video will help answer some questions. When a patient no longer wants to or no longer can treat their terminal illness, it becomes necessary to find better ways.

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Hospice is specifically designed to help with the delivery of care and to make the patient more comfortable when the patient has less than six months to live. This does not mean the patient will die in those six months. Case managers, social workers, friends, or family members may refer patients to hospice care. This care can improve the quality of life in the last few months of life. What happens during the initial hospice care meeting? The team meets with the patient and family. The purpose of this visit is to make a comprehensive arrangement.

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