Thinking About Investing in EHR Software? Here are Five facts You Need to Know

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Does your hospital need a little help in the records department? Here are a few facts about mental health billing software, electronic medical records software, and behavioral health software vendors that you need to know before you decide to invest.

1. According to a study by Becker’s Hospital review, an estimated 44 percent of medical facilities have fully implemented EHR software. This has helped them to be more efficient with their time so that more people are able to be helped and less records are misplaced.

2. Another study which was recently conducted by Becker’s Hospital review found that an estimated half of all physicians could access their EHR software from their smartphone or tablet. Though this means that additional security is necessary, this can help physicians to be better able to help their patients from anywhere that they need to.

3. EHR and mental health billing software has the ability to retain information from every healthcare provider a patient has been treated by. You will not longer need to try to call around trying to get the test results and records that lots of different offices and hospitals have access to because they will all be in one handy digitally accessible place.

4. Deloitte healthcare has recently reported that six percent of those surveyed claimed that EHR has allowed them to gain more profits and that they have financially benefit from the software. One of the reasons that more profits are possible is because of the general efficiency that programs such as these are able to present.

5. Deloitte Healthcare has also recently reported that a rather astounding 92 percent of physicians in the United States are interested in EHR softwares and the benefits that they can bring to the hospitals or doctors offices that they work in. Read more:

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