Three Simple Ways You Can Take Control of Your Health and Avoid Advance Urgent Care

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As Sweet Brown so eloquently said at one time in regards to having a bad of bronchitis, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, and oh how right she was. Seriously though, who has time for being sick? No one! Being sick is a major inconvenience in life that really makes you appreciate being in good health. Getting sick prevents you from living it up, whooping it up, going to work, and making random midnight runs to the grocery store for stuff you didn’t really need. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about getting sick or having a nasty allergy flare up every season? Why yes, yes it would be.

You may feel powerless to improve your immunity, but believe it or not there’s plenty that you can do to take charge of your health despite what you have otherwise believed. Taking control and accountability for your own health and wellness — both emotional and physical — has several benefits, like being able to turn up more and not spending money on medical appointments at advantage urgent care centers. Although advantage urgent care locations are great for when you actually need them, you won’t have to even worry about going to one every few weeks anymore because you’ll get sick less!

Here are just a few ways you can stay out of advantage urgent care centers and take back your health.

Eat better, for real this time

Did you know that food is actually medicine? After all, most prescription drugs are derived from plant compounds that occur in nature, so it would only make sense to believe that food such as fresh fruits and vegetables have some serious medicinal power. Sorry — not sorry — but your mother was right when she told you eat your fruits and vegetables. Eating a plant based diet, or at least one rich in fresh produce and raw foods can do wonders in terms of increasing your immunity.

When your body receives a boost from the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from the foods you eat, it doesn’t have to waste energy on breaking down hard to digest foods and can instead put that energy towards killing germs that can make you sick. And not only are you staving off temporary illnesses by eating a plant based diet, you’re also dramatically reducing if not completely eliminating your risk of developing potentially fatal chronic illness. Unfortunately, these can’t be treated at advantage urgent care centers!

Drink more water

Most people walk around dehydrated without even knowing it. In fact, a lot of the hunger you might feel at times could actually be a sign of dehydration. Simply increasing your water intake so it meets or exceeds the recommended 64 ounces a day can do wonders in terms of improving your natural immunity. Water helps to flush toxins out of your body that your immune and lymphatic systems have to constantly work to get rid of. So give ’em a break, why don’t you and drink some more water! Not only that but you’ll look and feel a lot younger too so can glo up your selfie game and stay out advantage urgent care centers. Talk about a win win!

Save the drama for your mama…or no one, really

Do yourself and your immunity a huge favor by actively practicing stress management. Get rid of any toxic people, places, things, including jobs, friendships, and personal relationships. This also includes any negative self talk or patterns of thinking. Even if you eat a plant based diet, drink more water than a fish, if you’re still stressing out and sweating the small stuff, your immunity will plummet and you’ll get sick frequently. Stress has a direct physical impact on your body, causing inflammation, pain, fatigue, and even digestive issues. Doesn’t all that sound like a reason to have to go to advantage urgent care? Yep.

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