Three Steps to Recover From Sciatica

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Back pain, originating from the spine, can take a terrible toll on a person’s well being. Because the human brain communicates with the rest of the body through the spinal column, the condition of your spine has a greater effect on your overall health than most other parts of your body. Sciatica is one condition that affects the health of your spine, which is most commonly characterized by shooting pain that travels from your lower back, down your leg. It may also result in weakness, numbness, or intense tingling in your legs. To find relief, and restore health to your spine, here are three steps that you can take.

Step one, find chiropractors or licensed medical professionals to determine the cause.

If living with sciatica was not difficult enough, determining the root cause can be even more frustrating, since there are several conditions that can contribute to the aggravation of the sciatic nerve. Here are a few.

  1. Herniated or slipped disc
  2. Arthritis
  3. Bone spurs
  4. Pinched nerve
  5. Pregnancy, or a tumor (but only rarely)
  6. Spinal stenosis

A licensed professional will need to do a physical exam, and may also require an X Ray or MRI to determine the contributing factor.

Step two, make a choice from the various sciatica treatments.

Receiving Chiropractic care is one common treatment for Sciatica, as is the use of exercises prescribed by physical therapists. In rare and severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Whoever diagnoses your condition will be able to provide you with physical therapy information, and a referral to a chiropractor if that is your preferred mode of treatment. While pursuing treatment, you may need to take steps to manage the pain until your condition improves.

Step three, Consider pain management solutions until the sciatica treatments take effect.

Sciatica pain treatment is similar to most other back and spinal column pain relief. Some people choose to use acupuncture, and according to NCBI, there are approximately 2.13 million people in the United States who have recently pursued acupuncture treatments. The NCCAM reports that acupuncture treats joint and neck pain, as well as chronic headaches, but it has also been used for an extensive list of other painful conditions, including sciatica. Steroids, opioid, or non-opioid pain relievers, and the use of heat or physical therapy may also work for you.

Sciatica treatments are as varied as the possible causes of sciatica, and finding the right treatment may require some experimentation. Your chiropractor, physical therapist, or physician can help guide you through which treatments will be best for your particular case. See this link for more references:

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