Three Types Of Dietary Supplements And What They Offer

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People are living longer than ever — but that doesn’t mean that they’re as healthy as they should be. Living life is about more than just staying alive; it’s also about the quality of life. The quality of your life can be shaped by the lifestyle you lead, which in turn is shaped by your choices in diet, how you exercise, and how you treat your body in general. Many people are finding that it’s not enough to just eat well and work out. They also feel the need to help their body out in other ways. This can be done through various types of supplements. Supplements in general are meant to add to the health of people who are already living healthy lifestyles. They can help boost you in the right direction if you’re changing your lifestyle, giving you an advantage, so to speak. They can also help prevent or treat specific problems. At the same time, supplements are not medications, and are often much more natural and therefore less likely to cause harmful side effects. It’s estimated that two-thirds of American adults take at least one type of dietary supplement, usually in the form of a multivitamin or mineral pill. Below, we’ll look into some of the different types of dietary supplements available, and how they can help improve people’s health and treat specific problems.

1. Detoxification Supplements

As the name suggests, detoxification supplements are taken to help people detox in some way, shape or form. People often feel the need to detox in some way due to issues with their diet, or perhaps problems following an illness. Many of us just need to detox due to environmental hazards to which we’ve been exposed. For example, heavy metal detox supplements may help people cleanse metals from their body that they aren’t even aware of. Detoxification supplements don’t have a radical effect, and thus don’t cause side effects that you may expect from harsher medications. Rather, they help cleanse the body and renew it in a sense. They can also help people kickstart a new diet or lifestyle. Often, the reason why people find that they have issues with losing weight or improving their skin is that they have too many unseen toxins in their bodies. Detoxification supplements let you start fresh with a clean slate, so to speak. This is also a healthy detoxification approach, rather than a radical one that will leave you with a weakened immune system.

2. Hormone Supplements

Our hormones naturally change as we age. This is the norm for women, and often happens to men as well. But sometimes, the changes happen rather suddenly and can cause a variety of different symptoms. They can negatively impact your physical and emotional health as well. For many people, the idea of looking radically different due to a hormone change just isn’t appealing — and that’s a valid concern. This is why many people are choosing to balance their hormones through supplements. Hormone support supplements don’t necessarily radically change your hormone levels; rather, they help balance out the levels you have and make it easier for you to feel like yourself. These supplements aren’t just for people experiencing issues with natural life changes, but those who have hormone imbalances due to genetic conditions or other factors. They aren’t meant to change you, so much as they’re meant to help you feel like yourself.

3. Multivitamins As previously mentioned, multivitamins and mineral pills are some of the more “classic” dietary supplements available. These products first became available in the 1940s, and Americans have been using them ever since. Even today, they account for one-sixth of all purchases of dietary supplements, and 40% of all sales of vitamin and mineral supplements. These supplements are just meant to balance out your diet and ensure that you have all of the vitamins you need. For that matter, they help people balance out their metabolisms, to an extent. It’s all about being your best possible self — in a natural way.

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