Tips for Beginners Using Contact Lenses

Moving from glasses to contacts can be an amazing experience. You will never have to have glasses frames blocking part of your peripheral vision. And if you don’t like the look of glasses, you can go back to your glasses-free look. While contacts can be very freeing, some people are nervous to put them in for the first few times. The video below will walk you through the process for the first time.

Video Source

The video also gives you a lot of helpful tips. The host says to wash your hands thoroughly before you begin to handle your contacts. Additionally, when drying your hands, make sure to use a lint-free towel. You don’t want to end up with fabric fibers in your eyes.

Most soft contact lenses have a correct orientation. They can turn inside out during shipping or when you take them out of their packages. To make sure your contacts fit well, place one on your finger and look at it from the side. It should look like a perfect bowl. If it looks like it goes flat toward the top of the bowl shape, it’s inside out.

The video has several more tips that will help you as you get used to wearing contacts instead of glasses.

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