A Guide to Properly Flossing Your Teeth

You know you should floss every day. Perhaps you’ve been flossing and still have cavities or gum disease. This could be because you are not flossing properly. Make sure you are flossing the right way by following these tips from Jon Love, co-founder of Electric Teeth.

You need to use the right kind of floss for your unique dental needs.

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Show your dentist or dental hygienist what floss you are using. Ask if there is a better alternative.

Snap off a strip of floss about six inches long. Wrap the ends around the fingers so that you have a two-inch-long strip. Any longer, and the floss will be too difficult to maneuver.

Slide the strip in between your teeth. Follow the upper tooth edge so that the floss goes under your gum. Slide the floss back down the tooth. Remove it from your mouth. Unwrap some of the floss from your fingers so you can use a clean part of the floss. You do not want to reintroduce any debris that you just got out back into your mouth. Start again on the other side of the tooth. Repeat this process for as many teeth as you can reach.

You should floss before brushing your teeth. The floss loosens up debris from your teeth and under the gumline. Brushing wipes this debris away.

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