Tips for Improving CPAP Machine Comfort

Full face cpap mask

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Does your sleep apnea affect your quality of sleep and put you in risk of danger during a time that should be peaceful and calm? Fortunately, there are many sleep related medical equipment devices for those who suffer from sleep apnea symptoms. However, many do not wear their sleep related medical equipment as often as needed to be safe. What are some ways that you can improve your sleep and comfort while still using your needed sleep related medical equipment?

Invest in the best CPAP machine

Although the best CPAP machines may be pricier than others, they tend to be more comfortable. When you purchase discounted or lower leveled brands, you make sacrifices in areas, such as comfort. For best results and continued insurance coverage, patients should use CPAP at least 70% of the time over a 30 day period, for at least 4 hours every night. To better meet these CPAP requirements, ensure that you have a high quality and comfortable CPAP machine.

Upgrade your CPAP machine

Making minimal upgrades to your CPAP machine is another great way to increase the comfort. Regular cleanings of your CPAP can even make it more comfortable. When it is full of dust or other debris, it will not be very comfortable to use. Cleaning a CPAP machine should become routine in your CPAP usage. Also, pay attention to your breathing needs. For example, patients over 60 years are five times more likely to require heated humidification for CPAP machines. If you unsure of how to upgrade your specific CPAP machine for optimal comfort, work with your physician.

Choose a properly fitting BIPAP mask

Your mask is also important to your comfort. The best CPAP mask is one that fits properly and is made for your specific style of sleeping. You may require a full face mask and the best full face masks should fit your face properly. Try out different CPAP masks, including nasal pillows, nasal masks, and full face CPAP masks. Pay attention to how well you sleep with each one, before choosing the best one for your safety needs.

Be consistent with usage

Sleeping with anything over your face will take some getting used to. However, if you remove the CPAP face mask every time you are uncomfortable, you will never get into the habit of regularly using it. If you continue to use it, even after a couple of troublesome sleep nights, you will eventually get used to it. Do everything you can to make it more comfortable, but remember that it is needed to prevent more serious of health conditions from occurring, due to your sleep apnea symptoms.

Upgrade your bedding materials

Sometimes, upgrading your bedding comfort and materials can actually make up for the discomfort that you feel using your sleep apnea machine and mask. If you have already tried to increase the comfort of your sleep related medical equipment, you may want to try increasing comfort in other ways. Purchase a mattress that is better suited for your style of sleep. Upgrade your cotton sheet tread counts. Invest in a pillow that is also made for your specific style of sleep. Also, pay attention to your temperature needs during sleep. If you are often cold, you may need a warmer blanket. If you are often hot, consider sleeping with only sheets.

As many as 80% of patients who say they use their CPAP machine, do not use it enough to keep them safe. Even when sleep apnea symptoms are severe, the majority of CPAP users stop using their machines rather quickly. The most common reason is for lack of comfort. Using a CPAP machine requires placing a mask over your face and then, finding a way to sleep with it there. However, it is extremely important to your safety and health to find a way to make it comfortable. There are also ways to increase the comfort of your CPAP machine. With these improvements, you can make daily CPAP machine usage a habit for every night.

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