Tips From Chiropractic Clinics How to Ease Neck Pain After Sleeping on it Wrong

Waking up with a stiff and sore neck can cause unexpected discomfort. Usually, you’ll feel a stinging pain and experience a limited range of motion in your neck. Severe neck pain can also make walking difficult. The good thing is there are simple and practical solutions you can apply recommended by chiropractic clinics.

Adjust your sleeping position
Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. But if yours is tummy sleeping, then you’re only hurting your back.

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Sleeping on your stomach strains your spine and back muscles, and it is much worse if the mattress you sleep on has little support. Try sleeping on your side or back using a nice pillow.

Apply some traction
Neck traction, or cervical traction, is a simple procedure you can do at home and it involves applying pressure on the neck to relieve pain. There are a series of stretches and exercises that are used with or without special devices like traction cushions.

Apply Self-mobilization techniques
Manual manipulation or the kind of service being offered in chiropractic clinics may provide relief for chronic neck pain and stiffness. Try segmental mobilization using your thumb and move those joints on your neck.

Stretch to main neck muscles
Improve neck flexibility and function by stretching your neck muscles. Some of these stretches feel good but they mainly help to reduce pain and stiffness by strengthening the muscles.


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