What Does Long-Term Care Mean?

There’s a common misconception that local long-term care means nursing homes, but people must know how many options there actually are. The Youtube video “What is Long-Term Care?” explains the great benefits of each option perfectly. So, let’s find out more!

Long-term care consists of many services and support for anyone who needs them.

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The most popular kind is personal care, where a particular caregiver will go to their homes and tend to them. This is also known as home-based care and includes healthcare, personal care, homemaker services, companion services, and emergency response systems. Most people who hire home-based caregivers need help dressing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Local long-term care also consists of services outside people’s homes, often called community-based services. You can expect adult daycare programs, senior centers, transportation services, meal programs, and respite care. Some people might need both home-based and community-based services, but the idea is that the elderly can stay in their homes and still live full lives with some assistance.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about this type of care and contact us to get all the information you need regarding local long-term services.

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